Frame at AWS East Bay Meetup

AWS asked me to share a story of Frame at AWS East Bay Meetup. I had a lot of fun at VSCO office in Oakland: great question and engaged audience. Thanks Greg from AWS for inviting me to present!

One of the questions I get all the time is “why did you to start Frame?”. I shared the story with the AWS crowd, but if you haven’t heard it before, below is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote last fall detailing our beginnings.


The Beginnings

Our journey started in early 2012. As CTO of MotionDSP, I was responsible for designing and shipping world-class video processing software. The technology, like many others, was packaged as Windows software. It was hard not to envy my counterparts in SaaS companies: Wouldn’t it be great to build one version of our application that we’d deliver as a service and update whenever we wanted?But it was 2012, and the cloud lacked one key feature: graphics. That meant no OpenGL, DirectX, or CUDA. Our software couldn’t work without those GPU APIs, and neither could thousands of other apps built over the last decade. It seemed that we were stuck with Windows PCs.Still, the idea of cloud GPUs provoked many questions: Even if the right GPU hardware was available, how would a software developer really deliver apps from the cloud? Who’d make sure that the streaming is smooth and that scaling works out of the box? Who would make it all happen?Once I started thinking about all of this, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew that the new platform to “make it all happen” would be incredibly valuable to our existing business. It would solve our distribution problem, and we could really focus on technology and domain expertise. Even more important was a market opportunity insight: There were so many others who could use it!There was one obvious thing missing: no clear infrastructure target on the horizon. But armed with the hope of meeting our perfect match down the road, my two colleagues and I took the plunge and began furiously building the first version of Mainframe2.

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